Da Vinci Project – Color by Number with Sequences for High School

The purpose of this Da Vinci project is to allow students the opportunity to use creativity to invent a color by number activity that demonstrates mastery of concepts related to arithmetic and geometric sequences. This project focuses on determining common differences and common ratios, finding the next number in a sequence, solving for the  term, and deciphering real-life problems that require the use of sequence operations. Students will then complete the activity created by a peer and grade the work of the peer using the rubric provided.   

The following downloads are included with this product:

– Da Vinci Project – Color by Number Instructions for Teachers

– Da Vinci Project – Color by Number Instructions & Answer Key

– Da Vinci Project – Color by Number Rubric

– Supplies list

– Differentiation Suggestions for struggling students

– Extension Task Ideas based on Multiple Intelligences pairings

– Student Sample of a Completed Project

For more Project Based Learning with Mathematics available at my store: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Absolute-Value. This project was created and provided by Absolute Value.