Da Vinci Project – Color by Number with Probability for Middle School

The purpose of this Da Vinci project is to allow students the opportunity to use creativity to invent a color by number activity that demonstrates mastery of probability. This project focuses on finding probability solutions for simple and compound probabilities using fractions, decimals, percentages, and likelihoods. Students will both create the problem and find the solution.  Students will then complete the activity created by a peer and grade the work of the peer using the rubric provided.   

The following downloads are included with this product:

– Da Vinci Project – Color by Number Instructions for Teachers

– Da Vinci Project – Color by Number Instructions & Answer Key

– Da Vinci Project – Color by Number Rubric

– Supplies list

– Differentiation Suggestions for struggling students

– Extension Task Ideas based on Multiple Intelligences pairings

This task is appropriate for use with students of every level. These materials focus on Common Core Standards 7.SP.C.5, 7.SP.C.6, and 7.SP.C.8. Students should already know how to multiply and divide rational numbers. This project takes approximately one hour to complete based on student mathematics level. It is easy to split into two lessons for greater depth and complexity. For more Project Based Learning with Mathematics available at my store: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Absolute-Value.