Cat Food SBAC Performance Task – PBL with Math

Cat Food SBAC  Performance Task – PBL with Math

The purpose of the Cat Food – SBAC Performance Task is to familiarize students with math performance tasks in preparation for standardized testing. This task has a multitude of applications. There are six versions of the task, each has the same context but different numbers. You can use these as class activities, proficiency practice, or quizzes.

This task gives students an opportunity to use multiplication with rational numbers to solve a multi-step real world problem.  Students will demonstrate their ability to reason quantitatively using multiplication and division while labeling units. Students will exhibit competence with math content standards 7.RP.2.a, 7.NS.2a, 7.NS.2.b, 7.NS.3 and mathematical practices standards MP2 and MP6.

This task was created by the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service and administered as part of a national, normed math assessment. It was then revised by Absolute Value which created multiple versions and answer keys.

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